6 affordable ways to upgrade your kitchen cabinets

6 affordable ways to upgrade your kitchen cabinets

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Your kitchen cabinets play an important role in furnishing your kitchen – and if you live with cabinets that are outdated, popular, or just not your style, they might be one of the first things you want to change. Unfortunately, replacing kitchen cabinets can be an expensive and time-consuming undertaking. But that’s fine because there are plenty of things you can do to breathe new life into your kitchen cabinets. According to these real estate professionals, you don’t have to break the bank to do this. Here are six ways to upgrade your closets without spending a lot of money.

1. Take out your brush

According to Rachel Stults, a lifestyle expert at realtor.com, perhaps the cheapest and most effective way to freshen up a room is to use a paint can. “When you’re tired of your outdated cabinets, try painting them,” she says. “If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, try two shades – a lighter shade on your upper cabinets and a darker shade on the lower cabinets and kitchen island.” According to Stults, this look is “oh so trendy” right now, which means your quick paint job not only updates the look of your kitchen but also brings the style up to date.

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2. Replace your hardware

Freshen up your cabinets by simply swapping out hardware like handles and drawer slides. “Try gold, bronze, or even crystal – or take it on an adventure and search your local thrift store for vintage hardware that screams your style,” suggests Stults. “It’s not difficult to find attractive options in any decorating style for next to nothing (a drawer drawer, for example, can start at as little as $ 3 or less).” And if you get noticed at the hardware store, according to Stults, Etsy is a good place to look for hard-to-find or unique designs.

3. Remove your kitchen cabinet doors

Sometimes less is more, according to Amy Davis, owner of Less Professional Organizers. “Sometimes simply removing a closet door can make it feel open and give the illusion of more space,” she says. “My favorite is adding white dishes for a consistent, lightweight look.”

4. Add stick-on lighting under the cabinet

If you don’t already have lighting under your closet, Stults says it can be easy to add some yourself using sticky options. “Look for tape on Amazon or your local hardware store to instantly brighten up your kitchen,” she says. No electrician needed!

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5. Add removable wallpaper to your closet interior

Whether you have glass cabinets or just want to add some flair when you open your closet doors, according to Stults, a pop of color with removable wallpaper applied to your closet interiors can make a huge difference. “The best part? When you’re tired of it, you can pull it off right away,” she says.

6. Accessories under your closets

If what you hate about your closets is actually the amount of unsightly backsplash they are displaying, you can try the trick that AJ Olson Whitfield, a real estate agent at Villa Real Estate, uses in home staging and decorating.

“If you have an outdated backsplash, cover part of it with a nice wooden cutting board,” she says, adding that stores like TJ Maxx and Homegoods always have affordable options for these parts. “Display it leaning against the wall, then combine it with a cookbook and small plant for the full effect.” As an added bonus, Olson Whitfield says these items also cover electrical outlets.

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