59-year-old woman celebrates lifelong dream after graduating from nursing school

59-year-old woman celebrates lifelong dream after graduating from nursing school

Nursing dreamIt’s true

Kelly RIng reports

Donna Hanson, 59 years old is celebrating her birthday lifelong dreamShe dreams of becoming a nurse. It has been her passion since childhood. 

“I just graduated as a R.N. here at St Petersburg College. It feels incredible. Hanson stated, “It feels really amazing.”  

She began her journey to become an nurse in the beginning afterHigh school, but when she had two sons – one with special needs – Hanson didn’t have time for nursing school. 

“Mainly because afterMy second child was born at 29 weeks. He had many disabilities. He is developmentally delayed. Hanson explained that he suffers from cerebral palsy. Hanson said, “So there were a lot doctors and physical therapy. Just different things that I had do with him. It was so frustrating that I put it off. 

She was offered a job in the medical field. She finally found the time to travel to nursing schoolAnother family tragedy occurred. 

“I lost my youngest son. I tried to get back and finish my program. Hanson stated that I failed, which was a disappointment. “But I felt that God was telling me to stop. Take a deep breath.” 

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Hanson, then 11 months old, adopted her daughter after her son died. 

Hanson claimed that her strength came from watching her son Wesley overcome his disabilities. school.

“He was one of the few that really encouraged me. Hanson stated that Hanson was impressed by the work of all the nurses and therapists. “I wanted give back. That’s why I came back. 

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She spoke out nursingShe is full of joy. 

Hanson explained, “I feel like being an nurse is like being someone’s hero because you can just be there and listen and do what you have to do to help them through their times.”

There were times when she believed she wouldn’t achieve her goal. 

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“It’s rough. There are many ups and downs. You cry a lot, cuss, and you wonder “What am I doing?” This is why I am putting my self through this.” She agreed.

Hanson is proud of her long journey. 

“If you believe you can do something, don’t put it off as I did. It’s okay, because you can still achieve it. Hanson stated that you just need to keep at it.   

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