4 people killed, suspect dead, Tulsa police say

4 people killed, suspect dead, Tulsa police say

Oklahoma hospital shoots: New details TulsaLiveNOW from FOX: Police| LiveNOW from FOX

Four peopleAt a shooting location, they were killed. TulsaAccording to, Wednesday afternoon at a hospital in Oklahoma. police. Officials confirmed that the gunman was also dead.

Four peopleAt a shooting location, they were killed. TulsaAccording to, Wednesday afternoon at a hospital in Oklahoma. police.

Officials have confirmed that the suspected gunman has also been killed.

“UPDATE — we now have 5 dead, including the shooter, in the active shooter situation at the Natalie Building on the St. Francis Hospital Campus,” Tulsa police tweeted.

The shooting was done on the second floor at the Natalie Medical Building, which is part the Saint Francis Health System.

Officials at a news conference were not sure if they would be allowed to speak. policeThe suspected gunman was shot or they themselves were shot. The suspectHe was only identified as a Black male aged between 35-40 years.

The scene was searched by police, who seized a gun and a handgun. They said that the suspect used them both during the incident.

(*4*)Heavy policeYou can find us near the Natalie Medical Building TulsaOn June 1, 2022, a new location will be in Oklahoma. (*4*) (TulsaPolice Department

At this moment, investigators are interviewing witnesses and the scene remains secure.

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt issued a Twitter statement calling the shooting “a senseless act violence and hatred”. 

“What happened today in TulsaIt is an act of hatred and violence that is not necessary. Sarah and I pray for the families of the victims and those who were hurt. I am thankful for the brave and quick actions taken by the TulsaPolice Department and other emergency responders who tried their best to manage a difficult situation. Mayor G.T. Bynum any state resources that may be needed, and I ask all Oklahomans to come together in support of the Saint Francis Health System community and to grieve with those whose lives have been forever changed,” Stitt’s post read. 

Dozens policeCars could be seen outside of the hospital complex. Authorities shut down traffic while the investigation continued.

An elementary school in the area was equipped with a reunification centre that allows families to locate their loved ones.

Oklahoma hospital shooting: Local reporter describes scene

LiveNOW spoke with Rick Maranon from FOX23 news about the shooting that took place at a building for medical professionals. Tulsa.

A spokesperson for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives was also present at the scene.

“@ATFDallas (https://twitter.com/ATFDallas)TulsaSt. Francis Hospital staff are present to help with the active shooter incident. TulsaThe Police Department is the point-of-contact and will release additional information as it becomes available,” said the bureau via Twitter.

The Natalie Medical Building contains an outpatient surgical center and a center for breast health.

Oklahoma hospital shooting: Woman calls friends from inside the building

After several interviews, a woman speaks with a reporter from the local area. peopleThey were taken at a hospital building in Tulsa. ( Credit: Robert Jones via Storyful)

The chief of policeAdvisory peopleAvoid the area around Yale Avenue and 61st Street, as this is where the Natalie Building is located, according to local media. 

“@TulsaPolice (https://twitter.com/TulsaPolice) has responded to an active shooter incident near 61st & Yale. We are assisting with the response. Please avoid the area and surrender to emergency vehicles. “We will notify the media as soon we can gather details,” read the tweet.

A few days earlier, the incident occurred. Tulsa policeAccording to a department Facebook post, apprentice officers were trained in active shooter to be ready for “real-life situations.”

“All TulsaDuring their In Service Training which takes place annually, police officers also get updated training and learn new strategies around Active Shooter Scenarios. This training has been planned for months but is extremely timely due to recent school shootings in Texas,” read part of the post.

As Americans mourn the loss in Texas, New York, California, and Oklahoma, the past few weeks were filled with gun violence. 

Two weeks ago, news of the Oklahoma shooting came less than two week after the tragedy of a mass shooting at a Texas school in Uvalde that killed 19 children and left two teachers.

A little more than a week later, another mass shooting occurred at a Buffalo supermarket, New York. An 18-year old gunman killed 10 Blacks. people.

Just one day after the New York shootings, five people were shot in May 2015. peopleOne person was also killed and two others were injured in a Laguna Woods church, Calif.

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden spent the weekend in Uvalde, Texas to grieve with a community who he stated made clear to him that they want Washington to tighten gun regulations after the shooting rampage that claimed 19 lives and injured two teachers. Biden heard similar calls for an overhaul of the nation’s gun laws earlier this month when he met with families of 10 Black peoplevictim of a racist attack on a Buffalo supermarket.

However, bipartisan senators held a private virtual meeting Tuesday night to attempt to reach a compromise on gun safety legislation. Expectations remain low. Senators aren’t expected to even broach ideas for an assault weapon ban or other restrictions that could be popular with the public as ways to curb the most lethal mass shootings. John Cornyn (Republican from Texas), who was a co-chair of the session, is not expected to bring up any ideas for an assault weapon ban or other restrictions that could be popular with the public as ways to curb mass shootings. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., and Thom Tillis, R-N.C., called Tuesday’s talks a “very constructive conversation.”

Meanwhile, House Judiciary Committee Jerrold Nadler plans to hold a hearing Thursday on the “Protecting our Kids Act” — a package of eight bills that has almost no hopes of passing the Senate but would serve as a marker in the debate. It calls for an increase in the age limit for semi-automatic rifles to be purchased from 18 to 21; to create a grant program that will buy back large-capacity magazines; to establish voluntary safe practices regarding firearm storage; and to implement executive measures to ban bump stock and 3-D printed ghost guns.

This report was contributed by The Associated Press. Los Angeles reported the story. 

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