22 Tampa Bay area restaurants make Yelp’s Top 100 Places to Eat in Florida list

22 Tampa Bay area restaurants make Yelp's Top 100 Places to Eat in Florida list

Summer is officially here. If you are looking for new places, toEnjoy a great meal, then keep reading.

Yelp’s first ever publication Top 100 Places to Eat in FloridaTuesday, 22These locations are inThe Tampa Bay area.

Methodology: listThe best places toEat in FloridaFor 2022, according to Yelp. We identified businesses inThe restaurantsWe then ranked the spots based on a number factors, including reviews ratings and total volume between January 1, 2017 and April 13, 2022. All businesses listed on this page are available when they are. listHave a passing score in health as of April 20, 2022.

These are the 22 restaurantsThese rankings are available Yelp’s list:

#7: The Mediterranean Chickpea Tampa

#14: Mio’s Grill & Cafe, St. Petersburg

#15: Pure Kitchen Organic Vegan, Tampa

#21: German Knodle, St. Petersburg

#22: Antoine’s Restaurant, Sarasota

#34: Chicago Paulies Tampa

#39: Healthy N Fresh Cafe Tampa

#40: Que-Rico Colombian Flavors, North Port

#41: Château 13 Restaurant & Wine Bar, West Bradenton

#47: Savanh, Seminole, Laos

#49: German Bistro 2, Largo

#51: Uptown Eats St. Petersburg

#52: Marlene’s Original Breakfast Sandwich, Tampa

#56: Kpicu Clearwater

#66: Tikka Indian Cuisine, Venice

#69: Flan Factory, Tampa

#80: Veggie Thai Cafe, Largo

#83: Pacific Counter St. Petersburg

#84: La Dolce Vita, Sarasota

#88: Wright’s Gourmet House, Tampa

#93: Kombo Kitchen, Tampa

#97: Tortellino Bistrot, Sarasota

View the other Florida restaurantsThis made it possible to listYou can click here.

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