2023 Fantasy Football Rankings: Top NFL Model Identifies Sleeper Picks that Mirrored Tony Pollard’s Stellar Performance

Fantasy Football Rankings 2023: Sleepers from top NFL model that nailed Tony Pollard’s strong year

As the 2023 fantasy football season approaches, it’s never too early to start considering potential sleepers who could make a significant impact on your team. In this article, we will delve into the rankings provided by a top NFL model that accurately predicted Tony Pollard’s breakout year and identify some players who could follow in his footsteps. With six headings covering different aspects of the topic, this article aims to provide a comprehensive guide for fantasy football enthusiasts.

The Importance of Sleepers in Fantasy Football

In fantasy football, the term “sleeper” refers to a player who is undervalued or overlooked but has the potential to outperform expectations and provide significant value to your team. Finding these hidden gems can be a game-changer, giving you an edge over your opponents and contributing to a successful season.

The Success Story of Tony Pollard

In the 2022 season, Tony Pollard emerged as one of the most valuable sleepers in fantasy football. Despite being Ezekiel Elliott’s backup in the Dallas Cowboys’ backfield, Pollard showcased his skills and contributed consistently throughout the season, finishing as a top-tier running back.

Just as the top NFL model accurately predicted Pollard’s performance, it’s crucial to identify similar potential sleepers for the upcoming 2023 season. These sleepers could be players who are stepping into larger roles, have shown promising flashes in limited opportunities, or are in advantageous situations that could boost their production.

The Top NFL Model’s Rankings for 2023

According to the top NFL model’s rankings, several players stand out as potential sleepers for the 2023 fantasy football season. These rankings are based on comprehensive analysis of player performances, team situations, and historical data, ensuring accuracy and reliability in predicting player success.

Sleeper 1: Javonte Williams (RB, Denver Broncos)

Javonte Williams, a second-year running back for the Denver Broncos, is expected to see an increased workload in 2023. With Melvin Gordon nearing the end of his contract, Williams has the opportunity to establish himself as the lead back in a run-heavy offense. His combination of agility, power, and receiving ability makes him an exciting sleeper pick.

Sleeper 2: Rashod Bateman (WR, Baltimore Ravens)

Rashod Bateman, a rookie wide receiver for the Baltimore Ravens, has the potential to make an immediate impact in the 2023 season. The departure of Marquise Brown leaves a void in the Ravens’ receiving corps, and Bateman possesses the skills to fill that void. With his route-running ability, size, and playmaking skills, he could become a favored target for Lamar Jackson and provide fantasy owners with consistent production.

Sleeper 3: Darnell Mooney (WR, Chicago Bears)

Darnell Mooney, entering his third year in the NFL, has shown flashes of excellence despite playing in a struggling Chicago Bears offense. With the potential for improved quarterback play and an expanded role in the offense, Mooney could become a breakout star in the 2023 season. His speed, route-running, and big-play ability make him an intriguing sleeper option.

The Importance of Research and Adaptability

While these sleepers provide exciting potential, it’s essential to conduct thorough research and adapt your strategy as new information arises. The landscape of the NFL is constantly evolving, and in fantasy football, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. Keep an eye on training camp reports, preseason performances, and any shifts in team dynamics that could affect a player’s role and production.

Monitoring Injuries and Depth Charts

Additionally, monitoring injuries and depth charts is key. Injuries to key players can open up opportunities for sleepers to take on bigger roles, making them valuable additions to your fantasy team. Analyzing depth charts and understanding the hierarchy of players within a team’s system will help you identify sleepers who could have a significant impact.


Fantasy football is not just about drafting well-known superstars; it’s about identifying sleepers who can outperform expectations and provide value to your team. Tony Pollard’s breakout season in 2022 highlighted the significance of investing in sleepers, and the top NFL model’s rankings for 2023 offer some exciting options. Players like Javonte Williams, Rashod Bateman, and Darnell Mooney could follow in Pollard’s footsteps and become this season’s fantasy football darlings. Keep researching, stay adaptable, and don’t be afraid to take risks. The 2023 fantasy football season holds immense potential for those who find the right sleepers.

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