20 Types Of Rum Best For Sipping

20 Types Of Rum Best For Sipping

If it was just about the coolest branding, then Kraken would easily make the cut. Kraken’s octopus-adorned brand identity and opulent label are just the right amount of edge. Kraken Black Spiced is the brand’s flagship product. RumIt is the coolest rum among kids.

The RumLab defines spiced liquor as rum that has natural flavors from herbs and spices such as vanilla, ginger, allspice, allspice, allspice, and allspice. These spices add depth to the rum’s complexity. Sometimes the spice is obvious on the nose or palate. Other times it’s subtle and only slightly detectable. Kraken is a case where the spices are not hidden. 

It was clear that the brand wasn’t looking for subtlety in its rum. The rum ended up being infused with caramel, cinnamon, nutmeg and toffee. We would deduct some points if this were a grading experiment. 

Kraken doesn’t provide any information regarding the distillation or aging of its Black Spiced. Rum. However, we also love to sip on this bold stuff. Liquor.com says it is not one for rum purists. Kraken is a great way to kick off a party if you are looking for something tasty.

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