20 New Cocktail and Spirits Books to Read in Fall and Winter 2022

20 New Cocktail and Spirits Books to Read in Fall and Winter 2022

It generally takes two years. toSend an email andFrom a concept, publish a book toPrinting toShipping the book to stores.

That’s an important statistic toIt means that most of the books are coming out. in fall andWinter 2022Were largely commissioned and penned during the depths of the 2020 bar closures, when bartenders realized they weren’t getting back behind the stick anytime soon andPublishers noticed that consumers remained at home mixing endless Quarantinis. 

If you find some of these books similar, toBe kind to each other, or repetitive. 2020 was a year filled with extremes. 

Yet, books are still worth the effort by many writers. and gifting. Gifting is the best. “60-second cocktails” to love letters toThe bars of NOLA and NYC andThis is a deep dive into classics from the last three decades.

These books also show how the drinking culture has changed over the years, as well as ongoing interest. inNon-alcoholic drinks andCocktails are not just ingredients, but also a way to enjoy them. toReflect culture, taken from the art world toThe pop-culture world of books and music. 

This crop of books is conspicuously lacking in round-the-world distillery trips, which are a staple of the booze book canon. and another casualty of the pandemic, when dust gathered on even the most ardent road warrior’s luggage. Scotland was a notable exception. and its whisky, bears traces of the social-distancing era, with distiller portraits captured largely outdoors—although there will be no complaints about extra glimpses of the stunning natural scenery.

The point is: It’s impossible toAvoid reading these books. inIt’s amazing, except that it was only possible to see this through the lense of these pivotal decades. The intended readers who learned cocktail making skills during the pandemic raised their standards.

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